How to Survive the Strange

Cast & Crew

Directed by John Herman. Written by Bryan White and John Herman. Cinematography by Dan Freund and Dan Deering. Prop master is Sean Oconnell. Edited by Ryan Plaisted. Theme song by Jon Briggs. Other crew members include Shay Willard, Brian Turnbull, and Doug Bozek.

Hosted by Bryan White.

Starring Brandon Nigro, Christina Cook, Ryan Plaisted, Katherine Horrigan, Steve Johnson, Jillian Thiele, Larry Clow, Jon Briggs, PT Sullivan, Brian Sullivan, Marisa DiBiaso, Chuck Galle, Abbey Greslick, Chris Bradley, Emily Briand, Brian Paul, Diane Baringer, Kevin Baringer, Gabrielle La Montaigne, Mike Lockhardt, and Thomas Walker. (Let us know if you are missing from the list!)

Chuck Galle playing the vampire in How to Survive the Strange: the web series (by mrjohnherman)


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